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Wi Fi and Internet: Stay connected on Everest Base Camp

It’s agreed that when you trek in the wilderness you would be drowned completely in nature. This is when you want to disconnect with the outer world to enjoy the trek to the fullest and make it memorable. Not many years ago when people trekked in the Himalayas they were entirely out of contact, but this has undergone a change.

Among the treks in the Himalayas, the Everest Base Camp trekking stands out as the sought-after trek that every avid trekkers want to do; they cannot stop praising about the trek using social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. This shows very clearly that technology has crept in the mountains which have made life easy for the locals as well as trekkers to connect and be in touch via the internet. So, when one is trekking to the Everest Base Camp, one need not worry about the communication facilities available in the mountains. Many tea houses and the lodges on the trail have WiFi giving access to internet for a fee.  As you go higher the fees for Wifi and to charge the device will increase. It can range from US$ 2 to US$ 10 for an hour usage of the internet depending upon the location of the place.

On this trek the WiFi depends largely on Everest Link which connects most of the trek and when it is active you will find WiFi in most towns. When you are above Lukla the recommended cellular network would be NCell, so anyone trekking to Everest Base Camp would be advised to buy one for NCell while you are trekking. NCell charges just two cents per minute over its network and data plans costing 1 cent/MB if the signal is available. You can buy Ncell sim cards even in Kathmandu.

Here are the common stops en route to Everest Base Camp and you will find the Wi Fi charge vary:

1) Lukla

In Lukla the Wi-Fi has a good signal and just for US$ 4 you could buy unlimited package for when you are in Lukla. The Wi-Fi can be found in all the lodges available in the area, the reliability is good so is the internet speed.

2) Phakding

Trekkers can find Wi-Fi available at a local bakery which is free for an hour. But at some lodges there might charge US$ 2-3 per hour, here too  people have found the signal to be good enough to use the internet effectively.

3) Namche

In Namche some hotels have very weak WiFi. But one can try the Herman’s Bakery for strong Wi-Fi and free with purchase. Cafe Daphne also is a recommended place for good Wi-Fi.  The WiFi can cost to US$ 2 for an hour.

4) Deboche

The Everest Link is usually available but can be down so cannot be reliable at all times. But when active it’s really good and one can buy a card worth US$ 5-10 to get access to internet to keep yourself connected. Even though all lodges do not have Wifi one can make good use of the Everest Link card.

5) Tengboche

Usually available using the Everest Link but it cannot be guaranteed that it is always running, there are lodges too where you are access to internet and communicate effectively when you are on trekking to Everest Base Camp.

6) Dingboche

The bakeries in Dingboche have very good Wi Fi, here too the Everest Link works very effectively many trekkers have been found to be using it to connect back home the internet speed is pretty fast so will cost around US$ 5 for the card.

7) Lobuche

The Wi Fi is good in Lobuche which can cost US$ 10 per hour, but it’s worth paying if you want to access the internet to stay connected when you are on the mountains. The internet speed has been found to have good speed.

8) Gorak Shep

One can use Wi Fi at good speed in Gorakshep and would cost US$ 7 for an hour. There is strong 3G service at Everest Base Camp . So, one can make an effective use of the internet when they are in Gorakshep.

9) Pheriche

We can find good Wi Fi in Pheriche that would cost around US$ 5 for an hour; the trekkers have found the lodges here have good access to internet with good speed. So, one can easily avail the internet usage here.

10) Khumjung

One can get good Wi Fi in Khumjung for US$ 3.00 for an hour; many lodges have access to internet via wifi, so trekkers here can make good use of internet to communicate with great ease.

So there is no need to worry about Wi Fi when you are trekking to Everest Base Camp, and do not forget to charge your devices, so that you can keep in touch with your family and friends back home or even share your photos through social media. To have it available on the trail one can share this trip of a lifetime along the way with those back home who can enjoy the trek vicariously.

We can see the world is undergoing change which can be seen when trekking to Everest Base Camp. Hence trekking to base camp is no longer the same as before now since there’s wifi available in so many places.  If you ever want to see this change, enjoy the trek and also share your awesome experience while trekking with your loved ones back home you can contact us and join one of our trips to Everest Base Camp. We will be back next week with more to share either on Everest.

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