What food can be eaten on Everest Base Camp?

Its every trekkers’ concern what kind of food they would be eating when trekking in to Everest Base Camp .  Most of the trekkers believe that almost every food you get in the mountains are either inedible or flat in taste since the resource has to be carried for days before reaching the villages on yaks or on backs of some strong Sherpa porter.

Anyone trekking to Everest Base Camp would be amazed to witness the variety of food available in the Everest region in spite of the absence of proper resources. You can find them delicious and healthy which have surprised the first time trekkers.  The approximate cost one has to pay for the meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea en route to Everest Base Camp ranges from US$20- US$ 30 in a day.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is not an easy trek but an arduous task making the trekkers tired at some sections of the trek.  So, it is imperative that every trekker needs to eat healthy and load themselves with the energy for the walk. Here are some real tips on what can be eaten and drank en route to Everest Base Camp Trek:

Drinking sensibly on Everest Base Camp

We see every trekker is curious on what they can drink and cannot when they are trekking in the high altitude trekking the Everest region. Beverages that contain caffeine like coffee, tea, hot act as diuretic so it should be taken in moderation, excessive consumption could lead to dehydration which can make anyone susceptible to mountain sickness.  Otherwise they do fill you up with energy from caffeine. However, drinking herbal tea, different fruit-flavored beverages is a real effective, alternate to the caffeinated drinks to keep one well hydrated on trek.

When you’d be heading to the high elevation it’s advisable to abstain from alcohol, smoke, excessive tea and coffee, or even any physical activity that would be taxing on your body. Of course, what you’ve been deprived on the trek is worth to make your trek a grand success- reaching the base of the mighty Everest. Of course, it’s a celebratory moment on your last day of the trek in Lukla, here you can indulge in whatever you’ve missed on the trek especially in the higher altitudes.

Breakfast cannot get healthier than this

On Everest Base Camp Trek the local tea houses serve trekkers with set breakfast that usually comprises toast, potatoes, eggs, pancakes, porridge, beverages etc.   Even chapatti (unleavened flat bread), muesli with hot milk, juice, tea, coffee and hot chocolate can be available at some tea houses. Of course depending upon the category of tea houses they also provide American breakfast, special and continental breakfast for trekkers.  So, one can have a hearty breakfast and load oneself with the energy for the day ahead. We’d recommend trekkers that oatmeal is a good option that is healthy and fills up the body with strength maintaining a higher level of glucose in your bloodstream.

Lunch and Dinner the power-packed meals for Everest trekkers

On trek you can liaise with your guide who can arrange lunch at recommend tea houses where they serve good hiking food. When you’d trek between 4000-5000 metres you will come across many settlements en route where you can have lunch. But as you go higher in places like Lobuche, Gokyo, Gorakshep, Dughla and other remote settlements, you can have big meals at the ultimate stop of the day. Lunch is always served with a wide choice of food which starts from light snacks like Tibetan bread with jam, different kind of soups, sandwiches, macaroni, momo, pizzas etc. As you trek higher the prices will increase and even the menu will have few items to select.

Of course there is the Nepalese staple consisting of rice, vegetable curry and lentil soup which is rated as very nourishing and light trekking food- so do not forget to try this. One should also not miss the garlic soup a highly recommended on trek that can help prevent altitude sickness. So, once you reach your final destination of the day, here you’d have your dinner at the lodge where you’d be staying. Since, you’d be staying at a higher elevation than the previous day, it’s important that you increase your fluid intake.  Then menu of the lunch and dinner will be more or less the same. For those having a sweet tooth can find desserts like chocolate cake, apple pie, fruit salad, chocolate pudding, rice pudding etc available at the bakeries and lodges.

Healthy tip on meat abstinence on trek in Everest region

When you’d be trekking to Everest Base Camp, to remain healthy, we advise you to become a vegetarian for some time. Usually meat is not fresh which has to be brought in from Kathmandu and would take days to reach the villages where there is no proper refrigeration. Thus, staying away from meat would be prudent in the higher elevation and also to keep the bugs away that can cause tummy upsets. But, if you insist on eating meat and craving for it, we’d have the guides check the freshness of the meat.

Of course trekking with us you can feel you are in safe hands. We have a skilled trekking team with lots of experience in the Everest region who can guide you on how to consume intelligently when trekking to Everest Base Camp so that you can accomplish your trek successfully. After all food and drink play a vital role for every trekker to succeed his or her feat of reaching the foot of the might Everest.

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Wind Horse Adventures takes pride being on the vanguard of providing the best experiences whilst travelling